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NBIS Marketing collateralNBIS, the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability is the northwest nonprofit that delivers expertise, education, and networking opportunities to business professionals who are leading their companies and communities toward profitable sustainability.

Bob’s photos have become an iconic representation for NBIS. Specifically the images of a buzzing hummingbird conveys a message of activity, and a flurry of movement, while a dragonfly represents the impacts to nature on the smallest of levels. The colors in those photos also dovetailed nicely with the organization’s brand, creating distinct recognition and contributing to award-winning communications.

Bob’s range of interests makes for a scope of images that fits many purposes and styles. I am impressed by the colors, use of backgrounds, and vibrancy of images that make his photos particularly well-suited to print design, both small and large scale.

Mary Rose

Co-Executive Director, NBIS

Robert J. Pennington Photography » NBIS