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Elegant Gourmet

Elegant Gourmet lollipopsPennington has shot extensively for Elegant Gourmet, one of the largest hand made candy producers and premier fine specialty food sources. A marriage of good taste and packaging, Pennington brought his skills as a fine artist and lighting designer to the shoot, ensuring the images of the packages on the Web are as appetizing as the contents they contain. Capturing the fine details of the Elegant Gourmet packaging and individual gourmet food offerings, Pennington shot a range of delectable items including ornate lollipops, candy canes, cookies, and decadent Valentine’s Day chocolates. A highly skilled product photographer, Pennington’s experience uniquely lends itself to the Web arena, allowing him to deliver quality images that sit beautifully on the Web but can be seamlessly adapted into the print arena.

“I loved working with Bob on the Elegant Gourmet shoot because of his relentless attention to detail. He makes a good shot great by getting the lighting, angle and positioning just right. And just when I think the shot couldn’t get any better, he does his Photoshop magic and makes it perfect. Bob is creatively amazing, and has the added bonus of some of the best Photoshop skills I’ve seen. That is a great help when we’re shooting prototypes that are imperfect to begin with. When Bob is done with it no one would know!”

Heddi Porter, Art Director

Hannak-Porter Design

Robert J. Pennington Photography » Elegant Gourmet