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Robert J. Pennington

A photographer who understands both the creative and technical details of his craft, Robert J. Pennington (Bob) knows how to finesse images to achieve stunning end results. His artistic touch and professional know-how puts even the most challenging projects into perspective, allowing them to flow seamlessly and smoothly through post-production. A well-respected photographer Bob’s twenty years of experience reflects his deep understanding of both conventional and digital imaging. His grasp of color management allows images to translate easily from print to Web with the same commitment to color quality. While Bob is a specialist in object-oriented photography, he has a flair for fashion and a keen eye for capturing the elegance of fine automobiles. His most recent work however, focuses on the sustainable and green “powerscapes” that represent the emerging green environment it all of its stages.

Bob received his BFA from the University of Utah where his appreciation for landscapes converged with his geographical explorations of the West. His environmental studies have led him to explore the grand scale of panorama and 360-degree vista imaging. Bob is a member of  A.S.M.P.’s Seattle Chapter, and an active contributing member to Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability.

He is also co-founder of Rhizome Images a unique collection of royalty-free, rights-managed, and fine art images. Dedicated to images of solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, architectural and mining powerscapes as well as natural landscapes and animal habitats, Rhizome Images offers a rare look into the environment that cannot be accessed through traditional image libraries.

Images purchased from the Rhizome Images collection, also help donate trees to programs through American Forests called the Picturesque Forest Project.  Building the Picturesque Forest Project is an easy way for creatives and art buyers to give something back without the hassle of a promotion or a sale. It is a simple action that takes no extra time yet ends with a big payoff.

Rhizome Images is a dba for Rhizome Design a creative integrated marketing firm in Seattle, WA focused on socially responsible and eco-friendly business.

Robert J. Pennington Photography » Bio